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Digital Investigations

Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property theft is stealing or misusing proprietary information from either a company or person. This information includes areas such copyrights, trademarks, client contact information, trade secrets, patents, computer code and many other areas.

IP Theft is a threat to both individuals and companies from sources such as disgruntled employees, employees who leave the company, hackers and other competitors.

Unauthorised Access to Files

Unauthorised access to files can result in the theft of private and confidential data which would compromise a business in a variety of ways, such as insider trading, leaking of potential business opportunities, financial records and many other areas.

Some ways in which a company would be exposed to unauthorised access to files could be the result of a break-in, a remote hacker or even a member of staff accessing areas of your infrastructure which they should not have access to.

Most recently Sector Forensics was employed by a large organisation that experienced a remote attacker attempting to gain access to a user’s Microsoft Outlook email program. Sector Forensics was able to provide a full report of the circumstances and events that occurred as well as outlining preventative measures that could be put in place to avoid or reduce instances like this in the future.


Sector Forensics have worked with a number of Police Forces to identify areas of fraud such as insurance claims, identity fraud, tax crimes, money laundering, non-disclosure of income, non-disclosure of partner, landlord fraud, false address fraud, e-bay fraud, advance fee fraud, corporate fraud, online fraud and the misuse of credit cards.

Data Recovery

Data loss is an everyday occurrence to both companies and individuals. The loss could be vital financial records through to your family photos. Sector Forensics staff have the ability to recover your precious data from many types of devices such as, the hard drive from your computer, cameras, external hard drives and mobile handsets.

Child Protection/Safeguarding

The Internet holds a wealth of information and in many cases is a person’s first port of call after a day at work/school. It allows people to search for music and videos,to shop online, to communicate with each other, to meet new people and much more.

All of this information is readily and easily available to anyone who uses a computer and as such you may want to monitor what websites and who your siblings talk to, after all, can anyone really be sure of whom they are talking to online behind a computer screen? Through the use of a variety of techniques Sector Forensics possess the skills to monitor what your child is doing online and who they are talking to, plus automatically send you instant alerts when a safety alert has been triggered.

Temporary or continual monitoring available, either by yourself or us if you would feel more confident. Please contact Sector Forensics to discuss how we can help you and keep your family safe.

Indecent Images/Grooming

Sector Forensics receives a large number of devices from various Police forces requesting investigation to search for indecent images of children. Our staff performs detailed analysis across the submitted items not only to search for the presence of indecent material, but also to determine where the material originated, other potential sources of indecent material such as attached devices, examination of any downloading software such as torrents, Internet history, deleted areas/files and much more.

Sector Forensics also offer a secure viewing area should you need to review the progression of the case.

Civil Search Orders (Anton Piller)

A civil search order provides the right to search premises and seize evidence without prior warning. This is a vital step to take as it prevents the destruction of key evidence. Sector Forensics employs a team of skilled, professional and security cleared staff to undertake civil search orders and ensure that important data is preserved and retrieved as quickly and securely as possible.


e-Disclosure is the process of capturing, collecting, processing and reviewing electronic documents.

A typical company employs a number of staff to perform many tasks, nearly all of which involve the person to communicate through the use of email, create documents and spreadsheets on a computer. This information can then be stored on a variety of electronic devices and media such as external hard drives, USB thumb drives, CD/DVD media, BlackBerrys and many others.

If you are running a court case has all of the pertinent data been submitted? Do you need captures of facebook chat? Websites accessed? or has all of the unused material from a digital examination been supplied?

Sector Forensics can guide you through from start to finish and provide you with the relevant information you are looking for in a variety of ways to suit your case..

Computer Forensic Examinations

Sector Forensics are utilised by the business, legal and law enforcement communities to forensically examine a variety of electronic media including computers, satellite navigation devices, mobile phones, gaming consoles, cameras and many other devices. All examinations are conducted in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Guidelines and are experienced in providing full reports following the Civil Procedures Rules or Criminal Guidelines.

Our team of fully trained expert witnesses will provide expert testomony at court if requried during the lifecycle of your case or investigation.

Mobile Phone Forensic Examinations

Mobile phones have changed significantly in the recent years and most have now evolved to become a portable computer. This means that users can access full web pages and email on the go anywhere in the world at any point during their day. Users also have the option to install a variety of applications from word processors to picture and video software and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Due to the progression of these mobile devices a wealth of information can be retrieved, far more than the days of just call registers, contacts and sms messages.

Using current forensic software and techniques Sector Forensics will examine the live and recover deleted data from most current mobile phone handsets.

iPhone/iPad Forensics

One of the most widely used devices today is some form of Apple ‘i’ device. These devices hold can hold a wealth of information ranging from the locations the ‘i’ device has visited, networks it has connected to, emails, Internet history, notes and much more. In some cases the passcode can even be bypassed.

Sector Forensics has conducted a large number of investigations across both the iPhone and iPad, producing detailed and easy to read reports for the home, business, legal and law enforcement communities.