Would you still have a business if an employee steals your company data?

Have your files been copied to the Internet?

Are your files on an employee's usb stick?

What files leave when an employee gets a new job?


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Where is your database?

Running a small business in today's economic climate is difficult enough so keeping your competitive edge is essential.

There is a fine line between giving your employees access and autonomy over your key files and giving them your business.

Spot the warning signs early:

Would you know if someone copied and removed your database and sensitive files?

Is someone stealing confidential company files using removable storage devices?

Are they printing or e-mailing sensitive files?


Productivity will increase

Pro actively monitoring your employees is vital for safeguarding your data and increasing staff productivity.

Do you have an employee who is inappropriately abusing company resources?

Is their high internet usage stopping them working efficiently?

Have definitive evidence that can be used to appropriately address and resolve the problem.


We put you back in charge

We will install monitoring software that will not only alert you to suspicious activity, but send you screen captures of what your employee was doing at the time.

You can receive alerts and reports anywhere in the world 365 days a year. Leaving you to get back to the successful running of your business.

What can the software do?