Sector Forensics Ltd

Sector Forensics have been supporting the business, legal and law enforcement communities in all areas of digital investigations at home and abroad since 1999.


If you need our data recovery, digital investigation or expert witness services and require a professional individual or a full team of experts then we will make your incident a lot easier to deal with.


+44 (0) 845 838-7926


Data Recovery

If important company data has been lost or you suspect it may have been stolen then our professional team will be able to help.

Data can be recovered from computers, mobile phones, hard disks, memory sticks, cameras and iPads to name a few.

Join our long list of satisfied clients from all areas of industry including Police Authorities, Customs and Excise, Insurance companies, Trading Standards, Solicitors, Banks and many small companies and individuals from the Private Sector.

+44 (0) 845 838-7926


Digital Investigations

Our expert staff have conducted digital forensic investigations for over ten years at home and abroad from Australia to Tajikistan with our main work stream coming through word of mouth. Some of our key expert areas include:

Intellectual Property Disputes
Corporate Theft
Matrimonial Disputes

Regulatory Compliance
Civil Search Orders (Anton Piller)
Child Protection
Safer Internet
Expert Witness Services
Computer Forensics
Incident Response
Digital Forensic Audits

We can be hired on a per job basis or you can hire our small team to attend any address in the world to recover or investigate the data sought.


Expert Witnesses

Sector Forensics Ltd has experienced CSI staff who regularly attend court as expert witnesses acting independently on civil and criminal matters.

Our expert witness services have been used in hundreds of trials over the past 12 years including cases involving terrorist activity, murder and high profile Intellectual Property cases.

Even if we have not conducted the digital forensic investigation, we can still provide independent expert witness assistance attending court and case conferences. Sector Forensics have also acted as single joint experts in Civil Matters.