Monitoring Solutions

Rapidly identify employees who are most likely engaging in activities that may be harmful to your company.


Make sure your employees adhere to your acceptable use policy for computer and Internet use. Decrease the number and possible risks of sexual and racial harassment as well as occurrences of online gambling and surfing of inappropriate material.


The software will not appear in the Windows System Tray or on the Desktop, Task Manager or Add/Remove Programs Menu.




Key Features

Record and monitor a wide range of activity on Windows and Macintosh systems including:

e-mail, social networks monitoring and blocking, web surfing and blocking, keystrokes typed, application usage, documents printed and tracked, file transfers, data copied to cloud storage or removable media, user and network activity.

The stealth software also provides video style screen capture recording when ever an event is triggered or you want to investigate further.

Receive live updates via e-mail regarding events defined as critical.

Administrators can remotely deploy and monitor activity in stealth mode, leaving the employee unaware that their activities are under surveillance.



With a range of highly configurable software specifically designed for use either at home or within global organisations we can cater for all your needs whether you require CSI@HOME to keep your loved ones safe or CSI@WORK to protect your company's most valuable assets.

Three levels of the stealth software is available with prices and features to match each level:

Level 1: Used for Home Safety

Level 2: Used for Small Business

Level 3: Used for the Enterprise






Which employees are sending the most e-mails with attached files?

Which employees are printing sensitive documents?

Which employees may be leaking key data via removable media?

Comprehensive reports are generated on an individual, group, department or organisation level. Easy to configure and use charts, graphs and detailed information allowing administrators to see trends or areas that need addressing or simply to see how employees are using company resources.